Pure Steam Generator (PSG)

Our Pure Steam Generator (PSG) is a cutting-edge generator unit based on the thermosyphon principle. This advanced system produces high-quality Pure Steam that meets the stringent requirements of the International Pharmacopeias, including USP, EP, and JP standards. Notably, the PSG incorporates a unique purification system based on gravitational separation, enabling it to achieve a remarkable log 5 reduction in endotoxins.


PSG Overview


The PSG is the culmination of 40 years of experience and continuous technical refinement. Based on the innovative thermosyphon technology, it stands as a benchmark in terms of robustness, efficiency, and reliability.

Multifunctional Pure Steam Generator

Choose the configuration that best suits your requirements, with output capacities ranging from 50 to 6,000 kg/h. Innovative thermosiphon technology ensures a versatile production capacity, ranging from 0 to 100%, and the presence of a buffer steam volume allows it to effectively handle various production peaks.

The Science of Possibility
In line with sustainability goals, Stilmas' PSG is also offered in a full electric version, capable of producing up to 3000 litres per hour.
The Science of Possibility
The PSG is IIoT Ready through our MDP (Masco Digital Platform). This digital platform helps minimise utilities consumption and maximise efficiency. Energy Pack and Normalisation Pack are also available.
The Science of Possibility
Available externally or with Gasbuster® System, compliant with EN285.

Application fields

  • Pharmaceutical                     
  • Cosmetic
  • Biotech
  • Food and beverage
  • Veterinary
  • Industrial 


More information

Main features

Immediate Start-Up: With its ‘accumulating boiler’ design, the system ensures immediate availability of pure steam, capable of transitioning from stand-by to full capacity within seconds.


Enhanced Flexibility: The unit automatically adjusts its production capacity from 0 to 100% as per the demand.


Unique Purification System: Employing the gravitational purification principle, the system guarantees superior steam purity.


Multiple Feed Options: The system can be fed either by industrial steam or electrical energy, allowing for versatile operation.


Consistent High-Quality Steam: Regardless of pressure and production flow rate, the produced steam maintains constant pyrogenic contents, superheat value, and dryness fraction.


Simplified and Clean Mechanical Construction: Featuring a baffle-free decontamination chamber and no welding, the system promotes easy inspectability, minimises corrosion risk, and extends the equipment's life.


Minimal Maintenance: The system incorporates no moving parts, expansion joints, or mechanical seals, leading to extremely low maintenance requirements. Additionally, it demands little extra space in height.


Compact and Lightweight: Designed with a compact construction and low weight, the system requires minimal additional headroom for dismounting and inspection.

Operating principle

Stilmas PSG - DTS Pure Steam generators are designed based on advanced thermosyphon technology.


The system consists of two parallel bodies: the heat exchanger and the vaporator/decontamination column. Feed water is directed to the decontamination column (main body), while industrial steam is fed to the heat exchanger shell side.
Inside the system, industrial steam heats the feed water to evaporation temperature, inducing a strong circulation between the two bodies.


The steam further develops in the evaporator, benefitting from its low velocity and the height of the decontamination column, which ensures the elimination of any potential impure water droplet entrainment. To maintain constant pressure in the produced pure steam, a pressure transducer in the evaporator regulates the input of industrial steam to the heat exchanger. Additionally, the feed water flow is monitored by a level transmitter situated in the evaporator.